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You can call the helpdesk at extension 5511.

We are available at this phone number 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM every school day.

  • Submit a helpdesk ticket by logging in with your computer credentials (click the helpdesk link above).
    This serves not only as our primary contact method but also as our data log of prior issues, reminders, scheduled repairs, and as a housing for replies and additional information for all users involved.
  • Email the helpdesk by emailing  – this will submit a helpdesk ticket for you.  Please be sure to include as much information as possible so we can help you in a timely manner
  • Call the helpdesk phone line (extension 5511) – we will answer your call and depending on the severity/priority of the issue either submit a ticket for you, directly support you over the phone, or visit you to resolve the issue.

The technology department has various devices/equipment available for you to borrow when needed.    All you need to do to request the device/equipment is submit a helpdesk ticket with a general reason and date(s) you will need it for.

Please note these are not meant for long-term loans and are generally for specific occurrence needs.  These are only for district related needs, you may not borrow any equipment for personal use.

Some common examples of loaned occurrences are:

  • Borrowing a laptop for a out of district professional development need (conference, workshop, etc.)
  • Borrowing a webcam for a in-class project such as skyping with a book author
  • Borrowing a long video cable for a presentation or project
  • Borrowing a wireless mouse for presentations

Items we currently have available for loaning

(please do note we only have a small quantity available for borrowing, all are on a first come first serve)

  • Windows laptops
  • Android tablets
  • Chromebook
  • Wireless mice
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Webcams
  • Various audio & video cables (VGA, DVI, RCA, etc.)
  • Various power cables
  • Power strips
  • External DVD player (usb)
  • Document cameras
  • Speakers

If you do not see something on this list, please feel free to ask, it’s possible we may have one!


Q. Do I share my account with my student and/or other guardian of the student?

A. No, each guardian will have their own separate account as long as we have an email address for both guardians.  Students will receive their own portal account when they reach grade 7 at the Jr. Sr. High School.

Q. Do I need a separate account for each of my children if I have multiple children in the district?

A. No, you will be able to access all of your student’s data from your one account, regardless if they are in separate schools.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. When you are logged in, click your name in the top right -> Set Preferences.  Click on the Security Tab and where it says Password click the blue Change link.
If you do not remember your password you can click the I forgot my password link on the login screen and recover your password.  Should you need further assistance please call your building’s office or fill out the guardian account support form here (click the Guardian Tab).


Getting Started

Upon receiving your parent portal account you will be prompted to create security questions.  These can be used to recover your password in the event you forget it.  You can change these at any time after logging in by clicking on your name in the top right -> Set Preferences -> Security tab.


When you first login you will be brought to the Pages tab. There are several tabs in the top navigation pane for you to access different information.  To navigate to these sections simply click on the tab.
Please note: You should never use the “back” button in your browser in Aspen, this can cause errors.  Please use the navigation to return to the page you were previously on. 

When in the tabs, you will have several control menus at the top.  Several menus are not used in the family portal, the ones defined below are the only ones you may need to use.

  • Help: Under help if you click “Online Help” you will be brought to a guide specific to the page you are currently on.  This can be useful for understanding information on that page or how to view specific items.
  • Search: This can be used to search the results on the page if you are in a location with many results.
  • Filter :  This changes what data you are looking at.  It is mostly used to change which time you are looking at for results, for example when looking at attendance you can use the filter to change from the current year to all results, or in the transcript tab to look at all years instead of just the current year.


Pages Tab


On the Pages tab there are several “quick information widgets”:

  • Announcements: This widget contains any announcements sent by the school or district pertaining to Aspen.
  • Published Reports:  This widget contains any published reports, such as report cards, for your student(s).
  • Recent Activity:  This widget contains recently updated information for your student(s) including recent attendance, assignments being graded, conduct referrals being added and term grades being entered.  If you have multiple students there is a dropdown next to their name to show/hide each one.  You can also search the records or change your view to be the today up to the last 60 days for results.

  • Grades: This widget shows your student(s)’ class list and current breakdown of grades and attendance.  You can click the blue name of the class to go to it for more information. 
    Please note, grades other than term grades may not be available depending on the grade level and class.
  • To Do: This widget shows your student(s)’ “to do list” based on assignments and due dates that are publicly available.
    Please note, assignments may not be available depending on the grade level and class. 

Family Tab

On the family tab you will find demographic information on your student(s).  Once on the tab you will have side-tabs to navigate through pages.  When you first enter this tab you will see your student(s) name(s) listed. You can check off the box next to the name and then click the side-tab corresponding to what you are looking for, or simply click that student’s name and then navigate to the appropriate side-tab.

  • Details Tab: This tab contains base demographic information about your student.
  • Contacts:  This tab contains the contact information listed for your student.  If any of this information is incorrect or out of date please contact your building office to update it.
    The contact list goes in the order of priority “#0” = Mother/Guardian, “#1” = Father/Guardian, priority #3-10 alternate contacts (relatives, neighbors, etc.), “#20” = doctor.
    To look at more information on the contact(s) to verify the details are correct, click the corresponding priority number.
  • Daily Attendance: This tab shows the attendance for your student.  A summary is found at the top and every date there is an attendance record for displayed below.  You can click on the date to read more information on the attendance record, such as comments made by the office or specific times for a late arrival/dismissal. Click the filter  to change from the current year to all records.
  • Conduct: This tab contains any conduct referrals for your student.  It is separated into three sub-tabs – Incidents (reported referrals from staff), Actions (actions taken by the office) and Detentions Served. You can click on each record in the sub-tabs for more information regarding the record. Click the filter  to change from the current year to all records.
  • Transcript: This tab contains the official posted grades for your student’s classes.  These records match what is printed on their report card.  Click the filter  to change from the current year to all records. The Transcript tab is separated into many sub-tabs:
    Credit Summary: Used only at the Jr. Sr. High School for classes that give credit towards graduation.  You can see the number of credits for the grade level of your student.
    Grade Point Summary: Used to show your student’s credits, point values per course, number of courses, and gpa in a summary and breakdown per course.
    Graduation Requirements:  Used to show your student’s requirements and current status for graduation at the Jr. Sr. High School.
  • Schedule: This tab contains your student’s schedule.  Click the List View link at the top to view it in a list format or Matrix View link to go back to a grid view.  Please note this is only available at the Jr. Sr. High School.
    The Schedule tab has a Requests sub-tab that shows your students course recommendations and requests during scheduling.
  • Membership: This tab contains enrollment information for your student (when they entered/left the district/building/grade level).
  • Documents:  This tab contains the IEP sub-tab if your student is on an IEP. Click on IEPs to view all previous, active and draft IEPs for your student.  You can click on the blue status link for each IEP to view more information.
  • Notifications:  This tab contains a checkbox for your emails as a contact to enable or disable notifications.  Notifications are currently not enabled at this time. 

Academics Tab

The academics tab shows your student’s classes and grades.  You will first be brought to a summary view of your student’s current year including all classes they are in, the current term performance and an attendance summary. Please note, term performance may not be available depending on the grade level and class.


Click on the blue link course description for more information on that specific class.  Upon clicking into the class you will have 3 side-tabs:

  • Details: Here you will see a breakdown summary of the classes’ attendance and averages for the terms.
  • Assignments: Here you will see a list of all assignments for that class.  Use the controls at the top to change the category to a specific category and grade term you are viewing.
    Please note, assignments may not be available depending on the grade level and class. 
    Teachers defines their own categories.  They can be for projects, assignments, classwork, etc.  Please view your teacher’s classroom policy for their grading system.

    • You can click on an assignment for more information:

  • Attendance: Here you will see your student’s attendance specific to the selected class.  Please note this is different than daily attendance in which your students attendance for the day as a whole is found.  Class attendance results are only available at the Jr. Sr. High School.


Calendar Tab

The calendar tab shows your student’s assignments on a calendar display. You can double-click on each one for more information.

Logging in with Clever Badges

(Windows Laptops/Desktops)

To login using a Clever Badge click the Switch User button on the login screen.

Click the Clever Login button

Hold the Clever Badge with the QR Code (side with the student’s name) up to the computer’s webcam. 

Clever will automatically log the student in using their individual account.  Once logged in Clever will also popup with the Clever portal, a quick way for students to access some of our common applications. 

Clicking any of these applications will automatically log the student into that application (if we have district supplied accounts).

Helping Students - Logging in with a backup code

Lost or forgot a badge?
You as the teacher can easily and quickly provide the student a temporary code to get in.

Visit the clever portal (easy to remember – just type in

Select Login using your domain credentials and use your computer username and password.

Click Help a Student:

Type the student’s name in and click it to retrieve their backup code:

On the student’s device, proceed as normal and when it asks for the student badge, wait for about 10 seconds for a login button to popup on the bottom:

Type in Hopedale for our school and select Memorial Elementary School:

Click “get help signing in” on the bottom:

Click log in with a backup code and use the code from earlier:

Helping Students - Printing out a new badge

Lost or forgot a badge?
You as the teacher can easily print out a replacement

Visit the clever portal (easy to remember – just type in

Select Login using your domain credentials and use your computer username and password.

Click Classes at the top

Select any of your classes such as Habits of Mind:

Click on the student who needs a new badge OR click Download Class Set of Badges to print out your entire class:

If printing out an individual’s badge scroll down and click Download badge:
IMPORTANT: Do not click “Void Badge” if the badge was not lost, this will make all other badges for that student voided and no longer functional!

A PDF will be downloaded.  Open the PDF and print out the new badge(s) for your students.

To export/backup bookmarks:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In the top right corner click the three lines to open settings
  3. Hover over Bookmarks and then select Bookmark Managerbookmark manager
  4. Click the Organize dropdown and select “Export bookmarks to html file”importexport
  5. Save this file to your H-drive or other safe location

To Import bookmarks:


  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. In the top right corner click the three lines to open settings
  3. Hover over Bookmarks and then select Bookmark Managerbookmark manager
  4. Click the Organize dropdown and select “Import bookmarks from html file”importexport
  5. Locate your saved bookmark file (H-drive) and click “Open”

Releasing Queued Print Jobs via a Print Station

There are dedicated print stations spread throughout the buildings that allow you to release your queued jobs, please see the table below for current locations.

Building Location Student Use? Staff Use?
JSHS MPR (Multipurpose Room) X X
JSHS H-145 (LMC – Near math wing door) X X
JSHS H-206 (Staff Room – Next to Copy Machine) X
MES E-259 (Main Office – Next to copy machine) X
MES E-221 (Staff Room) X
MES Grade 6 Hall (Outside E-116/E-118) X X


  • Locate a print station based on the grid above – it may be a monitor with a keyboard and mouse or a small touchscreen tablet mounted to the wall near the copy machine/printer. It will be labeled [PRINT RELEASE].
  • Log into the print station using your domain (computer) credentials.
  • You will see a list of your queued print jobs:

  • Select the Print button next to the job to print it to the printer located next to the print station.
  • If you have multiple jobs in the queue you can click the Print All button located in the bottom right corner.

  • You will automatically be logged out after 15 seconds of inactivity, or you can click the Log out button at the top.
As web browsers update they are becoming less friendly with common plugins used by many old educational resource websites, especially educational games and interactive media.
Plugins such as Flash, Java, Shockwave, etc. that in the past worked without you needing to do anything are now being blocked by web browsers.  New web browsers are expecting websites to use new technology (html5) instead of plugins and are blocking them as a security risk.
What does this mean for old websites I’ve used?
All cases are different, test the website/resource first.  Some plugins may be blocked completely depending on their age, others can still be enabled for you to use.

Please view the knowledgebase article on how to enable plugins when blocked.

You can check your PD activity history to see information what activities you signed up for and completed, including the PDPs you received for completing that PD, the PD meeting information/dates, PD description, and more.

1. First, ensure you are in the Staff view.  Navigate to the My Info top tab:

2. Navigate to the PD Plans side tab:

3. To see a summary of your PD click on your PD profile renewal date.  (PD Plans side tab – “Details“.  You are brought here by default when you click on the PD Plans side tab).
Here you will have a table called “Plan Summary” which shows:

  • Planned Activities (PD you have signed up for but not yet completed or received credit for).
  • Completed Activities (PD you have completed and received credit for)

    4. To see more information on your past activities such as the title, when they were, if they were completed or not, and how many PDPs, click on the Activities sub side tab:

If you are MISSING or have any incorrect PD activities that you attended and should have received credit for, please contact your school office to have this corrected.

If a PD activity is listed but not yet marked as complete, it’s possible that the attendance for the PD has not yet been updated by the office to give you credit.

It’s also possible you were absent or marked absent from the PD even though you signed up.

5. You can check your PD attendance by clicking on the Attendance sub side tab.
Please note, records will ONLY show up if you were absent.  If you were present for all of the PD activities you signed up for you will have no records listed.