Setting up Typing Software for your class

Visit our clever portal and login using your domain credentials (computer account credentials). 

Click on’s icon to automatically log in.

The first time you log in you’ll need to check the box and click I Accept. 

Click classes at the top

Select the class you want to set up for typing (you can pick any class if you are a homeroom teacher such as ELA or HOM)

Click assign curriculum to look through the available lessons and assign the lessons you want to your students.

Click EasyTech Keyboarding & Word Processing

Here you will see all available lesson categories.  You can filter by grade to see the most appropriate to your students. 

Click a lesson category to see the assignments and lessons within it. 

At the top you can assign the entire category and all of its lessons to your students.

Alternatively you can assign individual lessons within the category to your students. 

Once assigned, students can go to their Clever Portal, click the icon, and select their class to use the system. 

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