Installing Apps & Web Shortcuts

To install new apps on your ipad, please submit them to the shared Google Sheets file for your grade (For example, “Grade 1 iPad Requests”). Please submit the exact app name, web url if requesting a shortcut, comments if requesting specifics).

Remember, if it’s something the entire grade wants, please make note of that, otherwise it will only be installed for the teacher requesting. 


Using Mosyle

You can set timed profiles with Mosyle to better control what your students can use.  By default when using the ipads any and all apps installed on the ipads will be available for students to use.

The mosyle manager app is already installed on your teacher ipad (ipad-01) for your classroom, however you can also access and manage your classroom by visiting  To manage it from your ipad, look for the “Manager” app in the System folder.

Login using your Email address & Password, you can request forgotten password at the login screen if you do not remember it.


To view a short video of this entire process click the image below:


Setting up App Profiles

  1. When you first login to Mosyle you will see your classes broken up into categories – General, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies.  Use these categories to set up lists of apps you want included in each category, think of them as folders.

  2. For this example we’re going to build a profile in the “Mathematics” class.  Click on Mathematics to be brought to that class’ configuration.  Once there, go to “Study Apps” on the left side.  This is where you will select which apps are included in this category.

  3. At the bottom, click “Add application(s) to the list”:
    A window will pop up.  IMPORTANT: Select “VPP: Hopedale Public Schools” at the top:

  4.  Search for the App(s) you want included in this profile.  Simply click the blue “Choose” button next to the app name to add it to your list.

  5. Click Save on the bottom when finished selecting the app(s).

  6. You will now see all of the apps you selected on the Study Apps screen (to remove apps, click the X on the corner of its icon).

Using App Profiles

  1. Now that your app profile is setup, we can use Mosyle to control what your students can access.  Go to “Class” on the left side:

  2. Check off “Hide apps not listed on Study Apps” to limit students to only using the apps in your profile.  You can also enable other controls if desired such as Muting all apps.

  3. Set your class duration (how long should this profile be active for).  You can also extend or end the class early from this management.

  4. Check off any absent students on the right side to hide their names from the list shown on the ipads.  You can also use this to limit the list to specific students, such as if only 6 students are going to be using the ipads, check all other students off to hide them).
  5. Click Start Class.  Ensure the box next to your devices (E-G#-Room number) is checked off and “Roster” is checked off.

  6. Your ipads will automatically come up with a list of students and their pictures to select their names from.
  7. Once students are using the ipads, you can see which student is on which ipad from the list as well as add time or end the class early.  You can also use the “Heads Up!” toggle on the left side to lock all of the ipads with a message.

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