Starting at the end of April 2017 there are many new ways to print from all types of devices and circumstances.
Below you will find information aimed at conveying instructions of each type.

Printing From HPS Devices

You now have the additional option to print to the Print Release Queue.

  • This option allows you to print now to the queue and release the print job when you’re at a printer at your convenience.
  • Print jobs do not physically print out until you release them to the printer of your choice (typically while you are standing in front of the printer).  Using this method you do not have to ever worry about someone else picking up your prints or accidently printing to the wrong location.
  • How to PRINT to the Print Release Queue from a HPS Device.
  • Please view the section below on releasing print jobs for instructions on retrieving your queued prints.


Printing From a BYOD / Personal Device

You can now print from your own device in various ways, use whichever is more convenient/easier for you.  All BYOD / Personal device prints use the Print Release Queue method as described above.


Releasing Print Jobs / Retrieving Prints

Now that you have printed to the Print Release Queue you need to release your print jobs.  This is available in various locations, more may be added over time to please check the below link for more information.

Printing Off-Site

With the addition of these new methods you can now also send print jobs to the release queue off-site. This can be useful to print things from home from your personal devices and then release the jobs to retrieve the prints once you are in the building.

You can print off-site using two methods at this time:

Printing Statistics & Environmental Impact

You can also now check your statistics on printing and your environmental impact, as well as compare yourself to the district averages.




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