Releasing Queued Print Jobs via a Print Station

There are dedicated print stations spread throughout the buildings that allow you to release your queued jobs, please see the table below for current locations.

Building Location Student Use? Staff Use?
JSHS MPR (Multipurpose Room) X X
JSHS H-145 (LMC – Near math wing door) X X
JSHS H-206 (Staff Room – Next to Copy Machine) X
MES E-259 (Main Office – Next to copy machine) X
MES E-221 (Staff Room) X
MES Grade 6 Hall (Outside E-116/E-118) X X


  • Locate a print station based on the grid above – it may be a monitor with a keyboard and mouse or a small touchscreen tablet mounted to the wall near the copy machine/printer. It will be labeled [PRINT RELEASE].
  • Log into the print station using your domain (computer) credentials.
  • You will see a list of your queued print jobs:

  • Select the Print button next to the job to print it to the printer located next to the print station.
  • If you have multiple jobs in the queue you can click the Print All button located in the bottom right corner.

  • You will automatically be logged out after 15 seconds of inactivity, or you can click the Log out button at the top.

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