Releasing Queued Print Jobs via a Mobile Device (Available only while connected to the HPS Network)

If you have a mobile phone or tablet you can release your pending print jobs to printers and/or copy machines.  The grid below contains the list of available locations you can release your jobs.

Building Location Student Use? Staff Use?
JSHS MPR (Multipurpose Room) X X
JSHS H-145 (LMC – Near math wing door) X X
JSHS H-206 (Staff Room – Copy Machine) X
JSHS H-205 (Main Office) X
JSHS 3rd Floor Copy Machine X
MES E-259 (Main Office – Next to copy machine) X
MES E-221 (Staff Room) X
MES Grade 6 Hall (Outside E-116/E-118) X X
MES Lab (Black & White) X X
MES Kindergarten Hall (outside room 203) X


  • Visit
    Scan the QR code at the printer to release your jobs to it.
  • Login with your domain (computer) credentials when prompted.
  • You can add this to your home screen on your mobile device to quickly access this.
    • On an iOS device:

    • On an Android device:

  • You will see the list of available printers to release your jobs, you can search for a specific location by typing it in the search bar at the top.
  • Select the printer you want to release the jobs.

  • Check off the job(s) you want to print and select Release.




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